2016 Matching Challenge Program

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Double the value of your donation this year! If you pledge your annual donation during the Month of February, it will qualify for our Matching Challenge Program. Many are offering to match all pledges dollar-for-dollar up to $23,800!

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You support these great projects!

Three times a year, Camp Hill School district teachers and others from the local community apply for Lion Foundation grants for projects that would not otherwise be supported with tax dollars or the school district budget. Grants rising to the top usually include similar elements, including: 1) creative ideas; 2) collaboration; 3) additional funds for leverage; and, 4) a broad and/or enduring impact.

At the beginning of September, The Lion Foundation allocated grants totaling more than $12,600 to the following programs →

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Who We Are

Camp Hill School District

The Lion Foundation, a 501 C-3 non profit comprised of a volunteer board, is allowing us to create a permanent legacy for our children, families and community.

The goal is to enhance their quality of education, and create greater access to cultural and recreational opportunities throughout the community.

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